Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions


How can you guarantee the thickness of the colored layer of a TAHITI Pearl?

All TAHITI Pearls subject to export are X-rayed by the Territorial Pearl Production Service which confiscates pearls with a mother of pearl layer less that 0,8mm in thickness.
As far as we are concerned and to avoid these problems, PAI MOANA PEARLS harvests pearls in its farm by size of grafted nucleus, and after sorting them, remove from sale all pearls with a colored layer less than 2mm.

Why is the thickness of the colored layer important in selecting a pearl?

A pearl's luster is natural, it comes from the way light enters the colored layers at its surface. A pearl is not a simple mineral, it has its own history, namely its 18 months spent under water, in the lagoon, inside a living organism which, day after day, builds up a protection layer around it.
This layer is very hard, but in contact with the natural acidity of a person's skin, clothes, some perfumes with alcohol content, etc. wear and discoloration may, in the long term, reveal the white color of the nucleus. The thicker the protection layer, the longer you will enjoy your pristine pearl.

Before flying back to the USA, Polynesian Customs Officers asked me the Certificate of Authenticity of the pearls I bought at your store, but I didn't have to pay the export tax. Is this the regular procedure?

Yes it is, TAHITI Pearls export is regulated, namely the sale of rejects is forbidden (*), they will systematically be confiscated by Customs and a fine will be charged. The Certificate of authenticity provided by PAI MOANA PEARLS indicates the size, the color, the shape, and the class of each one of the pearls either sold as a loose pearl or mounted in jewelry. This is the indispensable passport, which allows your purchase to go without problems through Customs' X-ray machines specifically adjusted to detect pearls leaving the Territory of FRENCH POLYNESIA.

Polynesian Customs do not charge an export tax for ten pearls or less per person. Beyond such quantity, They consider that business resale is involved and you will have to follow the export procedure with the Pearl Production Services before taking the plane. Customs will seize merchandise in excess of ten pearls per person if not declared.

(*) A pearl with a mother of pearl layer less than 0.8 mm is classified as a reject, even if it is 18mm in diameter, perfectly round and with flawless luster and color, this is the rule. This is also why PAI MOANA PEARLS guarantees that its pearls have a mother of pearl layer of 2 mm.)

Is there taxes to pay, if I buy a piece of jewelry from you on the Internet?

Within French Polynesia as on the INTERNET, we deduct the tax on the piece of jewelry and deliver it to you without the VAT tax, which amounts to a 16% saving. However, your local tax regulations do apply, even if, generally, the small pieces of jewelry we send via FEDEX or UPS are exonerated.