Peter RINGLAND, a Canadian by birth, quickly figured out that there were two equal development opportunities in TAHITI: tourism and black pearls. He is one of the rare expatriates with a solid experience in these two fields. It must be added that he wouldn’t be where he is today if some insurance company had not been afraid of the 1978 hurricane season. At the time Peter RINGLAND owned a 70-ft sailboat, the Seer, that became famous in the American TV series “Hawaii Five-O” under the name “Sea Sage”. After which, the “Seer” was geared for scuba diving. Unable to sail to the Bahamas because he couldn’t get insurance, Peter Ringland and his crew sailed to TAHITI.

“Pai” was the Tahititian hero in ancient times, who with a single throw of his spear from Tahiti, pierced one of Moorea’s highest summits. The hole is still visible today. Moana is the Tahitian word for “Ocean”. Since then, Peter RINGLAND was never thankful enough to Rodo for making him the “Hero of the Oceans”, something quite proper for someone who spent 4 years criss-crossing the Tuamotu Islands and organizing diving cruises.

The first person he met in the city of PAPEETE, on the first day he arrived there in June 1978, was the legendary long haul sailor Rodo William.

Like many Polynesians of ancient generations, Rodo had an inborn sense of navigation in the high seas. “He knows everything by heart and doesn’t need maps” Peter Ringland liked to say. “Rodo became like my adopted father”. When Peter Ringland got married a few years later with an island girl, Rodo respected the tradition by giving the young groom a Polynesian name: “PAI MOANA”


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